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My name is Grayson Vandegrift and I’m a Democrat running for the Kentucky House of Representatives in the 56th District. I have the experience it takes to build bridges among the parties and disparate organizations, and the proven, trusted ability to enhance the daily lives of the people of Kentucky. 

I’m a husband and a father of two young children. I’ve been a business owner and a public servant on the local level, including serving as a two-term mayor

My opponent voted to give himself a pay raise, yet voted against a long-needed increase for teachers. He sponsored a bill to eliminate property taxes for private jet and plane owners, and he doesn’t believe in exceptions for women’s access to abortion, including in the cases of rape and incest. 


I believe in finding sensible solutions to our problems, not more extreme decisions like the ones handed down by the current supermajority in Frankfort. 


Below you can read my positions on issues and how you can reach me. If I’m elected state representative I’ll be a voice for common sense and I’ll work for you, never for special interests and big money. Vote Vandegrift on November 8! 


Kentucky State AFL-CIO

Kentucky State United Auto Workers

Kentucky Women's Network

Former 56th State Representative & Current Woodford County Judge Executive James Kay

Former 56th State Representative Joe Graviss

Former 56th State Representative Carl Rollins

Former 56th State Representative Joe Barrows


Checks can be made payable to:
Grayson Vandegrift for KY State Representative - 56th District

P.O. Box 3743

Midway, KY 40347

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